Pakistan is making technological changes in the Fishing industries. A large number of fishing boats have been upgraded to international standards by the Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF) in collaboration with the Government of Sindh and the Karachi Fish Harbour authorities. Like necessary basic equipment like warning system and alarms, chilling and storage units besides a string of other facilities that are mandatory for fishing boats as per EU guidelines are installed on the boats. Many countries imports Pakistan made fishing nets and rods.

Fishing Rod

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a tool used to catch fish, usually in conjunction with the pastime of angling, and can also be used in competition casting.  Fishing Rods generally considered the most beautiful, the most “classic”, and are also generally the most fragile of the styles. A length of fishing line is attached to a long, flexible rod or pole: one end terminates in a hook for catching the fish.

Right Rigger Tackle Custom Gaffs

These composite fiberglas gaffs are extremely light and tough. They have EVA foam grips and are tapered to slice through the water with ease. 3″ and 4″ hook 316 stainless steel. 2″ hook Mustad Duratin. The hooks also are flattened on two sides to keep them from turning after assembly.

Flying Gaff

Flying gaffs has become a part of game fishing that professional and recreational fishermen rarely get the opportunity to put into practice. When you wire your fish, the flying gaff hook will penetrate, first time every time when preset properly. After the hook sinks in, it will smoothly release from the handle, every time. The gaff handles feature stainless steel construction and durable foam handle grips for a superior gripping and control under extreme conditions. The tri-point gaff tips, are precision-machined and hand-sharpened for clean, full penetration.

Aftco Tapered Tip Aluminum Gaffs

Anodized aluminum handle is in a rich gold to resist corrosion. Tapered at  the end so it can be maneuvered easily through the water. Tapper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs make them lightning fast in the water – easier to maneuver and deadly accurate. They’re stronger and lighter too, so they bring fish into the boat with less flailing and confusion.

Capt. Harry’s Rod Belt

When stand-up fishing for big game, a fighting belt is a must.  Fighting belts help eliminate strain and provide the angler with support and comfort in every fishing situation. For even great leverage you can add drop straps for the ultimate fish fighting combination.

Stone Crab Cracker

If you are the avid stone crab eater this is the tool for you. Simply place claw or knuckle under lower bar and press down firmly with handle. Once claw has cracked, do the same with knuckles. No mess no fuss just crack and go. Then dip in sauce and enjoy.

Monofilament Line

Monofilament Line

Monofilament is the most often used type of fishing line. Monofilament fishing line (shortened to just monofilament) is fishing line made from single fiber of plastic. Most fishing lines are now monofilament because it is available in different strengths. Monofilament line is a single fiber line, meaning it’s formed in a single fiber, or strand. It differs from microfilament, or fused, lines as these types have multiple fibers fused into one.

Fishing Reel

A fishing reel is a device used for the deployment and retrieval of a fishing line using a spool mounted on an axle. Fishing reels are traditionally used in the recreational sport of angling. They are most often used in conjunction with a fishing rod. However, in recent years improvements have been made with the development of better reels and drags for fighting larger fish.

Stainless Steel Fish Smoker

This stainless steel Fish Smoker will produce a delicious fish meal. It is fitted with a single burner and double rack. It is easy to clean and pack away. Popular smoking species include trout and Atlantic salmon, of course, but did you know that species famous for inconsistent eating reviews are very edible, in fact delicious, when smoked?

Fishing Hooks

fish hook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish . Fish hooks are normally attached to some form of line or lure device which connects the caught fish to the fisherman.

Fishing Floats and Weights

Float fishing is where you use a floating indicator to help catch fish.  This indicator is called a float.  Floats have a bright tip that allows you to see it easily.  The float is attached to your fishing line.  It acts as a visual indicator between your rod and hook bait.  When a fish picks up your hook and swims away, the float is pulled beneath the water.

Bait and Lures

The term is especially used with regard to catching fish . A fishing lure is an object attached to the end of a fishing line which is designed to resemble and move like the prey of a fish. The purpose of the lure is to use movement, vibration, and color to catch the fish’s attention so it bites the hook.