Name:  Common Carp

Other Names: Carp, Karpe, Karpfen, Gulfam, Cyprinus carpio carpio

Size:  5 feet (1.5 m)

Typical Location: Slow flowing or standing waters with soft bottom, Brackish Lakes, Rivers, Ponds

Fishing Method:  Bottom fishing with boilies, dough, potatoes, molluscs, earthworm.


The Common carp is a widespread freshwater fish of founded  in the middle and lower streams of rivers, in inundated areas, and in shallow confined waters, such as lakes, oxbow lakes, and water reservoirs. The common carp is a heavy-bodied minnow with barbels on either side of the upper jaw. Typically, color varies from brassy green or yellow, to golden brown, or even silvery. The carp has two fleshy barbels on each side of the mouth. They have sensitive smell/taste organs in and around the snout that assist in feeding. Best growth is obtained when water temperature ranges between 23 °C and 30 °C. The fish can survive cold winter periods and can survive low oxygen concentration also this fish will willingly survive winter in a frozen over pond, as long as there remains some free water.

Common carp can grow to a maximum length of 5 feet (1.5 m), a maximum weight of over 80 lb (37.3 kg). They live in lakes, rivers, and wetlands and are often seen in spring when they spawn in shallow waters. This Carp are generally considered a nuisance by the anglers, they are highly prized as sport fish in Europe and Asia as they are often excellent fighters.

How to Carp Fish – Tips & Tricks

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