Most of us would like to slow down the aging process, because we fear getting old and sick. Much has been written about the benefits of eating fish, that eating omega-3 rich fish can prevent from Heart diseases, Diabetes and blood pressure, but a recent study shows that it reduces the aging process and can be help to increase the life span. Eating fish can fight the aging process in both men and women by several ways.

The omega-3 in fish is among the most heart-healthy nutrients on the planet. This fatty acids found in fish are possibly the perfect anti-aging fat. Even if one already has a heart disease, eating fatty fish can help him/her in living longer. Researchers argue that death rates among fish eaters can be dropped to about 30 percent in most cases.

Fish can help lower blood pressure, improve mood and feed your brain, It also decreases risk of heart attack, Fish eating improves the functioning of your heart, things that are all associated with healthier (and longer) lives.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold-water, fatty fish, helps keep aging brains healthy. The anti-aging natural supplements that contain fish oil will provide some of these substances that are essential for a healthy life.

Fish oils are a nice supply of anti-aging natural supplements that omega-3 contains. Omega fatty acids may play a huge role in maintaining healthy vision of eyes. Because nerves of our eyes contain a very high concentration of omega fatty acids, which can be obtained by eating fish

The shortening of telomere which is sequences of DNA has been linked to the aging process. However, increasing in-take of omeaga-3 fatty acids can reduce the telomere shortening and keep your chromosomes in good shape longer.  The fat in fish is helpful to your body and for anti aging.

  • Eat fish two or three times a week as a substitute meat.
  • Be sure that you are eating fatty fish such as salmon. If you are having trouble finding fresh wild salmon.
  • Anchovies and sardines are cheap and easy fish options if salmon is not available.
  • Foods containing Omega-3 include flaxseed, walnuts and leafy greens, but seafood is your best source.

Don’t even think about fried fish, cook fish with just sauté it in olive oil with lemon and pepper will be more healthful.

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