Its the border area of Kasur and is around 85km from Lahore Punjab Pakistan. Now when we say Ganda Singh its not a single spot. It is referred to as whole of the border of Kasur, where River Sutlej flows. Some parts of it are in India and some in Pakistan, the head works is in the control of India. In September to Mid of October, best fishing is expected at the downstream of the headworks and after that, upstream parts of the river could be accessed. The most common fish in this river is Kalbons (Carp) but all types of fish can be caught, including large size Rohus, Mirgals and Sawls.

Fishing Location Name: Ganda Singhwala

Fishing Region : Asia Pacific

Fishing Country: Pakistan

Fishing Area: Punjab

Longitude: 74.516667

Latitude: 31.033333

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