It’s a beautiful place located near Dina on G.T. Road, between Lahore and Islamabad. Mangla, the largest water reservoir in Kashmir, occupies some 27,000 hectares in area, producing over 1,000 metric tons of fish per year and supporting the livelihoods of some 15,000 full-time fishermen and 2,000 casual anglers. Mahasher and Rohu are amongst the most found species at the Dam. The important species of fish found in Mangla reservoir are Rohu, Mori Thaila, Mahsher, Mullee, Singhara, Common carp, Silver Carp and Grass Carp.

Fishing Location Name: Mangla Dam

Fishing Region: Asia Pacific

Fishing Country: Pakistan

Fishing Area: Punjab

Longitude: 73.65


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