Marine conservationists and researchers have strongly opposed lifting of ban on fishing during June, fearing that it poses a serious risk to the survival of shrimps and lobsters in local waters.
Talking to APP on Thursday, they were of the view that the months of June and July are the breeding season for the fish and in order to protect larvae and hatchlings, no fishing is allowed for two consecutive months.
International Union for Conservation of Nature-Pakistan’s Dr Tahir Qureshi said that June and July are the breeding months for shrimps and crabs also, and therefore fishing during these months will severely compromise their already diminishing stocks.
Regretting that poor monitoring and lax implementation of ‘No Fishing Period’ over the years had played havoc with an important source of livelihood for the fishermen, the researcher-cum-conservationist said that industrial and domestic pollution and irrational fishing practices, including the use of fine nets, have also reduced the fish catch from local waters.
“Flagrant policies devoid of factual situations and plight of the communities concerned are playing havoc with our ecological system and economic interests,” said Qureshi.  A researcher formerly associated with World Wildlife Fund-Pakistan, Rahat Najam said that any restriction on fishing or lifting of any fishing ban must be preceded by scientific support for the mutual benefit of source (fish) and stakeholders (fishermen).
“This is high time that we give up the trend of arbitrary decisions – more so as the climate is also fast changing,” he said.
The scientists said that changes in monsoon pattern, which was previously restricted mainly to June and July, is also changing with direct bearing on water flow and fish breeding.

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