Name: Trout

Other Names: Salmo Trutta

Size: 20 to 30 in (51 to 76 cm)

Typical Location: Streams, Lakes, Rivers

Fishing method: Lure Fishing, Bait Fishing and Fly Fishing


Trout is the name for a number of species of freshwater and saltwater fish belonging to the Salmoninae. Salmon belong to the same family as trout but, unlike most trout, most salmon species spend almost all their lives in salt water. Trout that live in different environments can have dramatically different colorations and patterns. Trout are classified as an oily fish. It has large scales, thickly spotted dark and red spots on the sides. The body is short but stout, suitable altitude for its culture is about 1000 m above sea level. It usually reaches a total length of about 45 cm. Most people tend to think that the best trout fishing takes place in the spring but that is not the case anglers find greatest success when fishing for trout in the fall, the best times to fish for trout is when there is little light from the moon at night. This could be an extended time with cloud cover, or when the moon is below a quarter full. So the moon phase is also a great way to determine when to fish.

How to Cast for Trout

How to Fish for Trout – Are You Making These Usual Mistakes?


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