When you talk about Angling Potential in Pakistan there is so much to see and experience that you need to plan what to include and what to exclude in your tour program. Angling is not only a passion but also the bread and butter of Pakistan fishermen. Angling in Pakistan has developed in its own unique way over the last 20 years in terms of tackle, techniques. The variety of saltwater game fish is remarkable and favorably be compared to Australia or New Zealand and so many other countries . In fact Pakistan has just beaten Australia’s record of Talang Queenfish (16.5kg) to become the world record holding country for this species.
The sole feature of our offshore fisheries is the total number of species of potential world record size that can be regularly caught in Pakistan. All three marlin species plus swordfish, yellowfin, bigeye, dogtooth, longtail and a host of the smaller tuna species abound. The saltwater environment then gives way to Pakistan’s fantastic floodplains, and finally into freshwater lakes and rivers. Thus, heavily fertilized, world famous lakes and dams such as Keenjhar lake, Haleji lake, Ranwal dam, Hab dam, Tarbela dam and a host of others provide exciting angling opportunities. There are a number of places in and around Gilgit that fishermen visit for trout fishing. Kargah Nullah, which is 10 kilometers from Gilgit is wonderful destination to enjoying trout fishing, all this provide the course angler with all the action he can possibly ask for.

Fishing in Pakistan is an adventure that involves world class fishing, it guarantee’s to take your breath away. It’s an important place which grants every angler the opportunity to once again revisit start fishing.
However these unique and relatively ideal destinations do not exist without their setbacks. Fishing continues without a thought for nutrition no thought for the future. If some steps are taken to improve Pakistan Fishing Industry then it will shape like haven for fishing and fishing tour destinations that angler can visit on tour to Pakistan.
In short Pakistan is a country which is full of fishing recourses and potential that anglers may love to visit like In the South, Pakistan’s vast coastline largely unexplored and sport anglers have only spoiled the surface of this perfect sea.

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