The Catla Catla is a member of the Cyprinidae (carps) family. Carp family fishes are originally from South Asia, for example Catla, Rohu (Labeo rohita) and Mrigal. It is commonly found in rivers and freshwater lakes in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In India it is commonly known as the Bhakur.

This obscure carp species has a large head with a small upturned lower lip and has small dark blue/ black scales with dark coloured fins. The Catla Catla is present in various waters throughout Thailand but is a relatively rare capture with not many documented captures of the species. The natural distribution of catla seems to be governed by temperature dependency rather than latitude and longitude. The minimum tolerance temperature limit is ~14 °C. Catla, it’s the second most important species after rohu.

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