Name:  Mahseer

Other Names: Tor putitora

Size: 2.75 m (9 ft)

Typical Location: Fast flowing mountain rivers, pools and lakes

Fishing Method:  Spinning, Lure Fishing, Bait Fishing and Freshwater Fly Fishing


Mahseer is a dream fish for Anglers. Mahseer is a Local words means The Big Mouth. The fish has elongated body with pointed snout. The inter orbital space is flat while the jaws are of equally sized. It is cold water fish. This fish habitat is high oxygenated water with rocky bed. Mahaseers inhabit both rivers and lakes, ascending to rapid streams with rocky bottoms for breeding. Now this fish is found in Indian Himalayas & in Asian Pacific.

Mahseer is migrating fish, during winters fish moves to the warm water. This fish swims upstream & can go through rapids of 20-25 knots. Not much is known about the life span of this fish but so expert guess that they live up to age of 20-25 years.

Freshwater Fishing Hints & Tips for Mahseer

Nutrition, Health and Fitness Facts

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